Dental Surgeon: Doctor Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery
Fire-fighting equipment
Photo 16 - A boil in women may appear due to the penetration of bacteria
Causes of boils in the groin in men
Why do boils appear in the groin area? If the outflow of the contents of the sebaceous gland surrounding the hair follicle is disrupted
How does genital herpes appear and how to treat in children and adolescents
How can a child become infected with herpes? Can the infection be passed on to a baby? Since the disease is
11 best foundations for problem skin - Rating 2020
Top 5 best foundations for oily skin Many girls suffer from excessive oily skin,
Why does a rash appear on the arms and legs?
Why do my hands, palms and feet peel? Arms, legs and other parts of the body peel
Warts in dogs: photos, on the face and paws, treatment, video, causes
Papilloma in the ear: causes, treatment and types
Blisters on the ear: causes of occurrence Blisters are inflammations in the upper layer of skin, for which
A rash on a child’s face looks like purulent pimples
Pimples on the nose in a 6 year old child - All about Health Children's acne or
Viral wart on the elbow
Causes of warts on the elbow There is a myth that if you touch a toad, warts will appear. On
What are red papillomas and how to treat them
Causes of appearance Red papillomas often form in people over 30 years of age. Most often this
A child has weeping sores on his head
Loss Author Alexey Ozhogin Date May 25, 2016 6,526 Share For many years
Dimexide against acne
Dioxidin for acne: how to use the drug correctly
Therapeutic masks and talkers For serious lesions, it is recommended to make anti-inflammatory masks and talkers on
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