Photo 16 - A boil in women may appear due to the penetration of bacteria
Causes of boils in the groin in men
Why do boils appear in the groin area? If the outflow of the contents of the sebaceous gland surrounding the hair follicle is disrupted
How does genital herpes appear and how to treat in children and adolescents
How can a child become infected with herpes? Can the infection be passed on to a baby? Since the disease is
Viral wart on the elbow
Causes of warts on the elbow There is a myth that if you touch a toad, warts will appear. On
What are red papillomas and how to treat them
Causes of appearance Red papillomas often form in people over 30 years of age. Most often this
Blackheads are a fairly common problem.
Is it possible to crush blackheads on the face: details about the problem
The problem of blackheads is known firsthand to many girls and boys. We learned from a dermatovenerologist,
Herpes on the lips: duration of occurrence and treatment
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Psoriasis itches
Does the skin itch with psoriasis or not?
Symptoms of itching with psoriasis Is there itching with psoriasis? Only in 80 percent of cases.
Healthy nails
How to cure nail psoriasis at home?
Unfortunately, quite often the nails “get sick”, which is why they become unattractive. And almost
General description of vulgar psoriasis: photos, symptoms, forms of the disease, treatment methods
Common vulgar psoriasis is a disease that can cause special concern just by its name.
Spots on the body that look like lichen
Types and manifestations of lichen in adults and children, differences in allergic forms, treatment methods and prevention of the disease. What are the first signs of lichen infection in humans? Pink and ringworm in
Ringworm or eczema is a dermatological disease that affects human skin, occurring against the background
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