Warts in dogs: photos, on the face and paws, treatment, video, causes
Papilloma in the ear: causes, treatment and types
Blisters on the ear: causes of occurrence Blisters are inflammations in the upper layer of skin, for which
Why does a rash appear on the arms and legs?
Why do my hands, palms and feet peel? Arms, legs and other parts of the body peel
A child has weeping sores on his head
Loss Author Alexey Ozhogin Date May 25, 2016 6,526 Share For many years
Dimexide against acne
Dioxidin for acne: how to use the drug correctly
Therapeutic masks and talkers For serious lesions, it is recommended to make anti-inflammatory masks and talkers on
Black dots on human eyelids
Red spots on the eyelids: allergic dermatitis and eczema Allergic dermatitis (diffuse neurodermatitis) is
fabric face mask
Elizavecca 3-Step Mask Pack
Types of face masks Face masks are classified according to three criteria: release form; expected
Blisters on the body that itch like bites: treatment for acne that looks like mosquito bites. Red spots and pimples appeared on the child’s body, similar to mosquito bites: we are investigating the cause of the rash. The child has acne like a bite.
Compresses with herbal decoctions of yarrow, chamomile: prepare a decoction, moisten a gauze swab, apply to the area
What to do if the forehead peels in men and women
The process of renewal of the epidermal layer of skin occurs throughout a person’s life. He is natural
A dry spot on the skin is flaky and itchy. What is it, what to do, how to treat it
Eye cholesterol plaque photo
Formations on the eyelids The eyelids and the eyelash edge are covered with skin on the outside, so they can occur here.
Urticaria symptoms in adults causes and treatment
Specialist: Dermatologist Symptoms of urticaria in children Locations Causes of occurrence Mechanism of occurrence Forms of the disease
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