Acupressure facial massage against wrinkles

With age, every woman, seeing the first wrinkles on her face, begins to think about how to improve the condition of her skin.
Some people resort to plastic surgery, others use non-surgical, but no less effective methods. One of them is a targeted effect on the skin of the face. So where are the points on the face for massage for rejuvenation? Since ancient times, facial massage for the purpose of rejuvenation has been used in different countries of the world and has always had zealous fans. Therefore, in this article we will consider what types there are and learn about bioactive points that allow you to restore facial skin.

Types of acupressure facial massage

There are many types of massage in the world with different names, but it should be noted that they are based on a general technique that uses bioactive areas of the face.


This technique was developed by Chinese specialists. It is based on the division of the facial area into several parts, where each corresponds to a part of the body and is responsible for its health. For example, massaging the points of the forehead can improve blood circulation to the brain, and rubbing the bridge of the nose will have a beneficial effect on the cervical spine.

This Chinese technique allows you to restore human health in all areas of the body, give firmness and elasticity to the facial skin. In order to achieve positive results with massage procedures, experts recommend performing them 2 times a week.


The Japanese technique of massaging bioactive points of the face has a state license and is a popular type of therapy. Its action is aimed at activating the work of epidermal cells, with the help of which the energy channels of Qi are cleansed. The technique stimulates the restoration processes of both the facial skin and the entire body. It has been established that acupuncture points on the face (according to the acupuncture method) correspond to bioactive points.

Where are bioactive points located on the face?

Let's look at where the main points of youth on the face are located:

  1. Above the bridge of the nose in the central part of the forehead. Massaging this area relieves painful sensations in the head and also straightens wrinkles.
  2. Along the length of the bridge of the nose. Rotational movements along the bridge of the nose have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, provide sound sleep and straighten the hump of the nose.
  3. Outer and inner corner of the eye. By massaging these areas of the eyes, you can improve vision and restore the whiteness of the eyeball. At the same time, bags under the eyes, bruises and swelling of the eyelids are removed.
  4. Eyebrow area. A massage is performed along the entire length of the eyebrows to the temporal part. As a result of massaging, the body's vigilance and well-being improve, and wrinkles are smoothed out.
  5. Line along the length of the cheekbones. Light rotational pressure with your fingers along this line tightens the skin, removes wrinkles from facial expressions, cleanses the sinuses (treats sinusitis), and relieves symptoms of migraines.
  6. The pits located above and below the lower lip, as well as the corners of the lips. Massaging these points not only rejuvenates the skin, but also strengthens the nervous system, increases resistance to stress, and relieves signs of goiter and pain caused by cervical myositis.
  7. Chin strip to the ear itself. Acupressure along this line removes a sagging double chin and tightens the entire skin.
  8. The point located in the center of the chin on the inside is massaged with the thumb and relieves stress.
  9. Temporal part. Massaging the temporal acupuncture points relieves pain in the head area and increases blood circulation in the brain cells.
  10. The area of ​​the temples that passes to the collarbone. Massage procedures in this area effectively tighten the facial skin and remove wrinkles.

How to do Shiatsu massage at home

Independently influencing biologically active points through acupuncture or moxibustion without professional training and experience can cause serious harm to health. However, Shiatsu acupressure does not require long training and can be performed by anyone at home without fear for their safety. Provided that there are no contraindications to massage. These include:

  • decreased intracranial pressure;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • infectious and viral diseases;
  • bad feeling;
  • damage, inflammation or allergic reactions to the skin;
  • rosacea

It is preferable to perform any acupressure massage in the morning or before bed, starting the procedure by cleansing the face and hands with the usual cleanser, followed by moisturizing the skin with a light cream. Try to create a favorable atmosphere - turn on relaxing music, light an aroma lamp and only then get down to business.

Location of points, technique, instructions

The Shiatsu pressure technique involves three methods of influence:

  1. Place the pad of your thumb on each point.
  2. Simultaneously pressing three points in a row with the pads of the next fingers - index, middle and ring.
  3. Palm.

The pressure force is directed strictly perpendicular to the skin surface, and is dosed depending on the thickness of the subcutaneous fat and the sensitivity of the area. For example, in the area of ​​​​the eyes, ears, neck and décolleté, the impact on a thin surface should be gentle and short-lived - three seconds is enough, but the skin of the forehead, cheekbones, chin and wings of the nose requires more noticeable and prolonged pressure. It is unacceptable to use movements that displace, rub and stretch the skin.

Having studied the location of acupuncture points, proceed to massage:

  1. Run two fingers along the surface of the forehead, starting from the middle towards the temples, and then back to both sides. You can work with three fingers, making point movements in the same direction, but with a 7-second delay for each movement.
  2. Position both hands so that the pads of your middle fingers rest in the middle of your eyebrows, your ring fingers in the area at the inner corners of your eyes, and your index fingers in the outer corners. Press for 5-7 seconds.
  3. Act on similar points located under the eyebrows in the same mode, while trying not to touch the eyeball.
  4. Now, in the same way, develop the points located on the lower borders of the eye sockets. Using the pads of your index fingers, apply pressure to the areas under the outer corners of the eyes, the middle ones - perpendicular to the pupils, and the ring fingers - just below the inner corners.
  5. Press the thumbs of both hands between the eyebrows for 5-7 seconds.
  6. Press on the area under the cheekbones with three fingers of both hands for 5–7 seconds. You can go down a little lower and repeat the manipulation.
  7. Use the pads of your middle fingers to touch the wings of your nose. 5 seconds is enough.
  8. Then press for 7 seconds on the indentation located above your upper gums, just below the tip of your nose.
  9. Apply pressure at the corners of your lips using the middle fingers of each hand. The exposure time is 6–7 seconds.
  10. Press for about 7 seconds into the depression under the lower lip, where the lower row of teeth cannot be felt.
  11. Place three fingers of each hand on the lateral lines of the chin, fixing the position below with your thumbs, and apply pressure for 7 seconds. Next, move the pads higher towards the upper cheekbones.
  12. Place your fingers on the sides of your neck. The index finger should go lower, the middle finger should rest in the middle, and the ring finger should press a little higher. The pressure is very light and short, no more than 3 seconds.
  13. In the area of ​​the jugular cavity, you should press very gently and for only 3 seconds, using the pads of your middle or thumb.
  14. Find the dimples that are located under the earlobes and use the pads of three fingers to fix the adjacent symmetrical points. Press time - 5 seconds.

Acupressure self-massage of the face improves blood circulation, helps smooth out wrinkles and prevents their formation, relieves puffiness, keeps the skin healthy and radiant, improves skin color and makes it denser and more elastic. And all this in a natural way (including the body’s self-healing processes), without much time (maximum 15 minutes a day!) and finances, subject to its REGULAR use for at least a month. In addition, due to its effect on biologically active points, Shia Tsu stimulates the functioning of all organs and systems and has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system. The results will be noticeable after 3-4 weeks!

Rejuvenate the skin

When performing a massage, breathe deeply and relax your muscles as much as possible. Try to keep the pressure on the point constant and the finger not to move. Apply pressure to each point for 1 to 3 minutes. Sometimes there may be a feeling of tension or numbness, sometimes tingling or pain.

Do not press too hard on the skin - your movements should be slow, careful and at the same time rhythmic. If after pressing on the point there is a feeling of pulsation, it means that the massage was performed correctly.

Third Eye Point

located between the eyebrows.

Connect the middle and index fingers of both hands and apply to the point. Press and hold for 2-3 minutes.

Point "Four squirrels"

located just below the eye socket, in the recess of the cheekbone.

Impact on this point helps improve skin condition, cope with acne and swelling.

Point "Face Beauty"

located below the “Four Squirrels” point, directly below the pupil, in the hollow of the cheekbone.

Point "Divine Appearance"

you can feel behind the jawbone under the earlobe.

Activates the activity of the thyroid gland and improves skin condition.

Point "Drilling bamboo"

located near the inner edge of the eyebrows.

If your eyes are tired and inflamed. press on this point. It also helps with headaches.

How to properly perform a cosmetic facial massage

Cosmetic facial massage plays an important role, especially for women with aging skin. With its help, the first wrinkles are removed, blood circulation increases, and the skin gains firmness and elasticity. Massage the facial skin before applying the cream. Thanks to its action, the skin warms up and easily absorbs cosmetics.

The positive result of the massage procedure will appear not only on the face. Its effect will be felt by the whole body:

  • sleep will improve;
  • the mental background will be restored;
  • there will be good spirits.

Before you begin the massage procedure, you must do the following:

  • put a headband on your head to hide your hair;
  • wash hands thoroughly with soapy disinfectant;
  • study all the active points of the face where the procedure will be performed;
  • massage while sitting in front of a mirror.

Facial massage for rejuvenation involves performing circular movements in specified places using light pressure with your fingers. In this case, it can be performed by pressing on one point, or it can pass along the line where certain points are located. Acupressure involves pressing a point on the face for rejuvenation for 30 seconds, after which pressure is applied with a rotational movement: 9 times in each direction. One point should be massaged for no more than 3 minutes. The results of the procedures will be noticeable and tangible after three sessions.


To learn how to do acupressure for facial tightening and rejuvenation at home, you will need to learn one of the techniques that are popular today. There are quite a few of them. You may discover:

  • Chinese acupuncture;
  • Japanese Shiatsu technique;
  • Western school.

Each of them has an effective effect on the skin by stimulating certain points. Before mastering them, read the recommendations for performing acupressure facial massage at home. They will help enhance its effectiveness and avoid unpleasant side reactions.

Execution Features

  1. Before the procedure, you will need to wipe your face with a cotton swab dipped in cosmetic milk, and then moderately lubricate it with facial moisturizer.
  2. The massaging process is performed using fingertips by gently pressing on the skin.
  3. The massage starts from the forehead:
  • from the central part of the forehead, the fingers move to the temples;
  • from the nostrils the fingers move to the temples;
  • from the corners of the lips towards the ears;
  • From the center of the chin, the fingers move to the earlobes.
  1. The procedure for applying and removing any cosmetic mask or cream is performed in the same direction as the massage.
  2. After massaging all points of the face, lightly tap with the pads of your fingers in the same directions. It is allowed to lightly and very carefully tap the muscles surrounding the eyes.
  3. If the surface of the forehead is covered with large wrinkles, then massaging movements (smoothing and patting) should be performed both along the forehead and across it.
  4. A saggy double chin is massaged quickly and intensively.
  5. After massaging procedures, the cream is removed from the face with a paper handkerchief. If a person needs to immediately go outside, a thin layer of powder is applied to the face.

One of the techniques

As already mentioned, Eastern medicine and even the West offer different systems for performing this amazing procedure. You can choose any of the options for yourself. You can find many training videos with step-by-step explanations of each manipulation. However, any technique for performing acupressure facial massage is simple and accessible to almost everyone. We bring to your attention the most popular rejuvenation method in this vein today - the Japanese Shiatsu system.

  1. Using the pads of your thumbs, massage the point between the eyebrows.
  2. Go down, find the points on the wings of the nose, and begin influencing them.
  3. Go further downwards. You need to get to the point that is hidden deep in the pit under the lower lip.
  4. Proceed to massage the temporal lobes.
  5. The final maneuver is pressure on points located near the ears.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to appreciate the effectiveness of acupressure massage, because there are a number of contraindications for its implementation.

From the life of celebrities . Shiatsu acupressure owes its popularity to Marilyn Monroe, who became seriously ill in 1956 while on tour in Japan. Drug treatment turned out to be useless, and she was put back on her feet using this technique, which she then, as they say, actively used for facial rejuvenation.

Contraindications for cosmetic facial massage

Along with the many positive characteristics of cosmetic massage, you need to know that there can also be negative aspects. Therefore, before starting a facial massage, you need to get a doctor’s recommendations.

If a person has an inflammatory process on the skin, has a herpes infection, or has warts, then experts do not recommend performing massage procedures.

By regularly caring for your facial skin and doing a massage, we can forget about early wrinkles and significantly smooth out age-related ones. The uniqueness of acupressure lies in its ease of implementation and amazing effect not only on the skin of the face, but also on the entire body.

Operating principle

Stimulation of reflex zones activates the circulation of vital energy, which, according to the creators of the method, occurs in a person along with other systemic processes.

  • slowing down body aging;
  • metabolism stimulation;
  • accelerating the removal of lactic acid from muscles;
  • stabilization of blood circulation in problem areas.

The positive effect is on the condition of the skin and organs, so don’t be surprised to find an improvement in your overall health.

The regularity of sessions and their correct implementation guarantee:

  • muscle strengthening;
  • smoothing wrinkles of any depth;
  • slowing down age-related changes;
  • normalization of sebum secretion;
  • increased skin turgor;
  • improvement of the color and condition of the epidermis.

To move on to the practice of acupressure facial massage, you should first study the layout of biologically active areas and their projection on the body.

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